WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Web Security Scanning Plugin Launched for WordPress

The ongoing fight against malware that is online has been taken to another level this week with the launch of WP-Secure by SSM. The WordPress plugin was released by Canadian Malware and Web Security company Site Security Monitor. The online application shuts down basic entry points that are known exploits in WordPress blogs, which are primary causes of vulnerabilities and theft of confidential information. These known exposures also increase the possibility of Malware infections on targeted websites.

WordPress is the world’s leading blog publishing platform and is often used for high volume content and ecommerce web sites. SSM’s web security scanning plug-in works across the Web to protect WordPress blogs against most flaws found in its design and this ‘good for the community’ offering is completely free.

“We expect to have over 10,000 customers downloading our WordPress plug-in within the next three months,” says SSM managing director Jason Remillard, “and we’re giving malware detection and vulnerability web security scanning services to each registered user. Imagine how many websites and visitors will be adequately protected.”

The company was launched in 2009 by founder Jason Remillard, who is a mogul in the web security arena having produced solutions for IBM, major banks, as well as insurance companies in the US and Canada. Today the company specializes in affordable, instant services that protect sites against malware, SEO poisoning, SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and Google hacking.

As the e commerce industry recovers from the economic depression, it’s likely that more businesses will be using WordPress to sell their wares online; hopefully with a more safety-conscious, security-oriented attitude than before.

Web hosters, developers and users of WordPress are encouraged to download the plugin directly from WordPress.com or at SSM’s corporate site – www.sitesecuritymonitor.com

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