WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

WordPress Themes Compared and Reviewed by Knoji

Knoji, a leading provider of consumer reviews and information, today announced the availability of a new consumer guide reviewing some of the popular WordPress themes. There are countless WordPress themes on the market to choose from. It might be difficult to decide on one of them. Knoji’s new consumer guide aims to provide consumers with an in-depth review and useful comparison between some of the leading WordPress themes.

An excerpt from the report is included below:
“With the expansion of mobile searches, commerce, and the like, having a mobile-enabled site is important for being visible and accessible on users’ smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Social media and blog integration has become important for higher search rankings, which also gets a boost from Expand2Web’s SEO techniques. And finally, it’s important to have an easy-to-use online store to be able to effectively sell your products—if you don’t make your product or service easy to buy, your potential customers will go elsewhere to find it.”

“Soliloquy is primarily a WordPress slider service. Sliders present slideshows of photos and text, generally located along the top of a website for instant access. Their value lies in their ability to present more designs and detailed information in one spot on the website without taking up as much space and without forcing the reader to scroll down as much. A customized slider from Soliloquy may be a very useful tool for your website. It differs from the other two services, however, by not being a full theme.”

“Catalyst offers a wide range of customization options for getting more technical with site design. Their point-and-click interface makes these customizations even easier to implement. In addition, there are more than 800 possible designs for you to work with including predesigned skins and layouts. They also offer a wide range of service support and resources for continuing to build a thriving website as you go along.”

Read the full report at: http://websitetemplates.knoji.com/expand2web-vs-soliloquy-vs-catalyst-theme-wordpress-theme-comparison/

Knoji, based in Los Angeles, is a leading consumer website providing in-depth reviews, Q&A forums, and information on deals and discounts on thousands of top retailers worldwide. Consumers can find information on most leading e-commerce websites including those from the fashion, technology, financial and travel industries.

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