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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Based On Post plugin for WordPress

Based On Post is a WordPress plugin by MelvinSoftware that is designed to let users and developers make use of their Theme’s sidebars by enabling dynamic content that can be changed by post.

You can display an image gallery for each individual post on the sidebar? Or having information specific to the subject of that particular post displayed?

Based On Post let’s you do just that. This simple, but extremely useful WordPress plugin is designed to let you place a widget on a single sidebar of your wordpress blog, (in the furture, multiple sidebars will be supported), and for each post or page, specify the text or HTML code that is to go in the widget. The input box for the data is on the Post or Page writing screen.

Display arbitrary information based on the page that the visitors view, instead of the same content throughout your site.

Use Post title as the widget title, or use your own custom title.

Use HTML, Plain Text, even scripts and shortcodes in the widget!

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/based-on-post/

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