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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Howling Dog Themes Releases Free GPLv2 WordPress Theme Framework

The makers of Howling Dog Themes (HDT), a set of premium WordPress themes, released their K9 framework for free under a general public license GPLv2. This marks the first time this powerful WordPress framework is available for free.

Big Dog Medial LLC designed the K9 framework to expedite website development for graphic designers, developers and do-it-yourself website builders and simplify the unique challenges of using WordPress for each of these audiences.
Graphic designers are frequently challenged when designing for WordPress, which does require a moderate level of technical know-how. Since their emphasis is on web aesthetics, designers enjoy the flexibility with which they can use the K9 controls to change layouts, use a wider variety of fonts, manipulate background images and truly customize websites to reflect their original designs while letting Howling Dog Themes handle the code.

Developers appreciate HDT for the ability to integrate custom CSS code and to work on the K9 Framework, an adjustable foundation that facilitates quicker WordPress development and makes theme development more accessible.
Do-it-yourself website builders are attracted by HDT’s beautiful pre-built premium themes and the K9 Controls, which enables them to customize sites to their heart’s content without needing to know a line of code.

WordPress enthusiasts are invited to download the K9 framework free at Howling Dog Themes, http://www.howlingdogthemes.com. The free version includes 99% of the features that have been included in premium versions to date and gives developers the freedom to distribute copies of the software (and charge for this service), access to source code, and the option to change the software [or use pieces of it in new free programs]. It does not, however, include the customer support that is available with Howling Dog Themes premium versions.
Some of the sites that have been developed using HDT can be viewed at http://howlingdogthemes.com/showcase/.

Big Dog Media, LLC is a privately held company based in Portland Oregon. For more information please visit http://www.howlingdogthemes.com

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