WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

Themeswell theme design platform for WordPress

Smartt announced the beta release of Themeswell, a theme design platform for WordPress.

Themeswell is aimed at web designers and developers who want to spend more time designing and less time coding, so they can deploy websites faster.

Key features in Themeswell that help designers achieve these goals include: the Workspace, drag-and-drop interaction, flexible styling controls, and a theme library.

The full Themeswell platform will be offered in three packages:
Basic – The complete platform, and support
Standard – A premium WordPress theme, the complete platform, and support
Complete – 3 premium WordPress themes, the complete platform, and priority support

Themeswell is currently in beta. Smartt has invited users to trial the product and share comments online at http://www.themeswell.com/beta for the next 4 weeks.

For more product information: http://www.themeswell.com

Unlike other products, Themeswell allows designers to build up their own collection of unique themes in a personal library.
The Workspace lets designers see what they create onscreen and in real-time. When a designer changes a layout by adding a graphic or styling a horizontal menu, the Workspace shows results as they happen.
Easy-to-use styling controls put flexibility and complete creative control in the designer’s hands. They can quickly manipulate template layouts and design elements such as: text, images, and forms to create the look they want.
Drag-and-drop interaction, a single control panel for styling controls, and the Workspace make it easy to learn and use Themeswell.

“It’s hard to enjoy designing when you have to worry about coding. Even highly experienced designers and developers spend time tweaking HTML, CSS, or PHP to perfect their work. With Themeswell, the coding happens as you design.”
“Themeswell was created by professional web designers in collaboration with software developers. The goal was to remove the complexity from creating themes by allowing designers to do what they do best and letting the software create fast, clean code to implement the design.”
— Saleh Tousi, CEO Smartt

Please visit http://www.themeswell.com/press for more information, logos, descriptions, and more.

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