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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress Theme Utility Allows Users to Create Websites Without Coding

A Kansas City-based web-developer has released WordPress GADGET, the first ever theme utility for the popular blogging platform, WordPress. The new theme utility empowers individuals and businesses who may not have the technical know-how to customize a website, as well as WordPress developers who are looking to streamline their design process.

WordPress GADGET was developed to eliminate the need for coding knowledge, as well as WordPress frameworks, themes and child themes, which can be time-consuming to create, costly to purchase and very difficult to modify. Thus, GADGET rolls all of these applications, plus many new features, into one ‘theme utility,’ a comprehensive product never before offered for WordPress. “I developed GADGET to incorporate all of the features I wished I’d had with other themes and frameworks I’d downloaded. There just wasn’t anything out there that did everything I needed and did it efficiently so that there was no need to overwrite code,” explains Kent Politsch, WordPress GADGET Developer.

GADGET’s administrative area allows users to change the column layout, color scheme, background images, banner images, site navigation and more by selecting preferences from menus and uploading artwork and photos. GADGET also offers a customizable font feature, allowing the user to choose from several built-in fonts or to upload their own. In addition, GADGET eliminates the need for an FTP client for day to day site modifications. Photos, artwork and other design elements may be directly uploaded to the user’s site from his or her computer.

Finally, when a user creates a favorite site design, he or she will be able to save the settings and easily return to that design. For example, a user could complete four different design variations for a website based on the seasons and then easily change them out with a click of the mouse. Other features will include the ability to add peer to peer emailing, sharing via social networks, printer-friendly pages, a built-in contact form with anti-SPAM protection and a built-in archive page.

Created in 2003, WordPress is the largest open-source publishing platform in the world, with approximately 202 million users around the world. Although the WordPress platform is free, prior to the release of GADGET, creating a personalized theme, whether for a blog or a business, required knowledge of coding languages to change features like background images, column specifications, color and more.

The high demand for customized WordPress websites has led many WordPress users to turn to web-developers who create and sell frameworks that use the WordPress Platform but provide unique looks and design capabilities. Many framework developers also offer framework-specific child themes, allowing users to further change the look of their sites by purchasing and downloading the theme and installing it into their frameworks.

WordPress’s open source platform has also become increasingly attractive to web designers who find that WordPress content management simplifies the design process, and to businesses who wish to manage and modify their own site content. WordPress won the Overall Best Open Source Content Management System Award in the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards out of 12,000 nominations.

By eliminating the need for the user to know coding languages, WordPress GADGET will empower bloggers, developers, business owners and others, allowing them to create their own customized sites with nothing more than a computer and photo editing software if they wish to add their own images. WordPress GADGET may be purchased and downloaded at www.WordPressGADGET.com. In addition, websites developed using WordPress GADGET, as well as full details about features and pricing, are available on the site.

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