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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Meeting Scheduler by vCita for WordPress

Meeting Scheduler by vCita is a WordPress plugin by vCita.com that allows website visitors to choose how they want to meet you: face to face meeting, scheduled phone conversation or a advanced online video chat.
vCita can also actively engage visitors after spending some time on your website which has proven to double meeting requests and contact requests triggered by potential clients.

Active Contact Form

Super easy customization of your Meeting Schedule and availability, optionally synchronized with your Google Calendar
Get booking notifications to your inbox and calendar at any mail service
Offer free or fee-based meetings
Offer visitors to ask a question as part of your Meeting Scheduler
Collect payments and bill for your time and services
Actively invite your website visitors to book a meeting with new, engaging Meeting Scheduler formats
Customize your own welcome message
Choose vCita dynamic Meeting Scheduler format to increase website visitor engagement
Combine contact form with a meeting scheduler
A dashboard to display your online traffic as well as latest booking submissions
Create unlimited Booking widgets with different styles
Track when clients open and read your email response
Manage all client bookings and interactions from a single advanced platform

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/meeting-scheduler-by-vcita/

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