Ada WPMS Sitewide Feed for WordPress

Ada WPMS Sitewide Feed is a WordPress plugin that creates four rss 2.0 feeds showing recent posts, comments, pages, and one combined [posts and pages] from all blogs. Works both on WPMS, and WPMU.

This plugin creates four (4) seperate RSS 2.0 feeds from posts, comments, pages, and one combined [posts & pages] across all blogs on your site. Works both on WPMS 3.0 & up, and WPMU 2.9.2.

Generates sitewide combined [posts & pages] feed
Generates sitewide posts feed
Generates sitewide comments feed
Generates sitewide pages feed
Client-side caching via ETag headers
Admin screen to configure options
Compliance with xhtml and xml standards & many more

Plugin homepage:


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