WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Packt Announces PacktLib Collection of WordPress Books

Packt has announced a new subscription on its digital book library, PacktLib, for WordPress developers. Providing access to over 15 books on WordPress, this is the definitive subscription for any new or experienced WordPress developer.

WordPress is a publishing platform powered by PHP and is ideal for creating an appealing and fully functional website or blog. In the WordPress library, subscribers will be able to gain insights into how to operate a WordPress site effectively.

Several topics included in this resource comprises of developing a WordPress powered e-Commerce site to run an online store, how to write a business blog that helps to achieve strategic goals, developing plugins to add functionality and features to enrich a website, building beautiful and dynamic websites by designing and creating professional looking themes to engage with readers, developing engaging and feature rich content by installing Flash for enabling multimedia content, learning about the best practice for getting jQuery onto a WordPress site or blog to create impressive animations and interactions and search engine optimisation to ensure that users perform keyword research and build high quality links for premium placement in search engines.

This library is ideal for both beginners and those who are familiar with the WordPress platform. There are a number of books aimed at novices with a step-by-step guide to illustrate the process of setting up a blog or website. There are also books that are suitable for those with an advanced knowledge of WordPress which enables readers to expand capabilities of their blog or website. Furthermore, answers to common WordPress problems can also be found, giving practical solutions at a click of a button on the PacktLib platform where the search function is helpful in finding information quickly.

Subscribe to the WordPress library today to be up-to-date on this open source technology. Additionally, new WordPress books added to the library in the future will be made available to subscribers as long as they have a subscription.

For more information, please visit http://packtlib.packtpub.com

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