WordPress 3 Complete Book by April Hodge Silver

WordPress 3 Complete is a new book from Packt that explores WordPress as a fully functional content management system. Written by April Hodge Silver, this book is an in-depth coverage of installation, themes, plugins, and syndication with practical explanations of all aspects of WordPress.

WordPress is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. With its versatility, it is a powerful tool that’s ideal for creating blogs and websites. Users can customize the features, incorporate their own designs, and even write their own plugins with ease.

WordPress 3 Complete starts with downloading and installing the core WordPress software. It also helps to upgrade WordPress from older installations, as well as personalize and control the content of a website. By customizing themes, users will learn to manage the look and feel of their website.

Through this book, users will be able to link their website to the outside world through feeds, syndication, and podcasts, and have control over content. With a focus on the content management functionality, users can add images, videos, tags, and categories to blog posts, and will be able to create custom post types to manage books, movies, and people.

Those wanting to create and customize their blog or website will find this book to be an interesting read. This book is out now and is available from Packt. For more information, please visit http://link.packtpub.com/bLYcgP

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