WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

SeekDotNet Integrates WordPress Hosting with Business Intelligence Tools

SeekDotNet, a leading ASP.NET and Windows hosting announced enhancing the WordPress Hosting with the addition of Business Intelligence Tools.
WordPress hosting with SeekDotNet offers a state of the art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetic and efficiency with rich features. It also suitable for corporate deployment and to built intranet sites which can be augmented through third-party private assembly tools.

Since demands from large companies have been escalated recently, SeekDotnet grants the demands by integrating the new updated version of Business Intelligence (BI) Tools. BI Tools is perfect software to gather, analyze and provide access to data to help the top management in making business decisions. Not only it is cost-effective, BI tools also able to deliver strategic intelligence to the decision makers and provide an insight into the overall situation.

Competing in today’s challenging business world, your company needs access to critical data regarding how well your business, your competitors, your market and your suppliers. Managing data and extorting meaningful information from it become crucial. This can be achieved by utilizing BI tools as key business process force. With BI tools, company will obtain fewer errors, greater efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Business intelligence tools can be applied on intranet, such as on customer intelligence, expense and budgeting and Human Resources applications. Or on external sites which are self-service applications designed for customers and partners or suppliers. BI application development includes such features like dashboards, graphs, reporting and query, online analytical processing (OLAP), data management & statistical analysis. It can be collect data from different software like CRM, MIS and ERP. The end result is innovative and updated information for all cross-functional projects which making important business decisions possible across all divisions.

With the right BI tools, company can be certain in controlling business data, offer employees with the data and information to perform their job the best way and saves money. Company with the ability to endure the market pressure and is well informed will survive the competitive business world.

Those interested in the Business Intelligence Tools integrated in WordPress Hosting can contact SeekDotNet.com sales team. for more information please visit http://www.seekdotnet.com/wordpresshosting.aspx

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