WP-Geo Big Map for WordPress

WP-Geo Big Map is a plugin that adds a full screen map to WP-Geo. Install WP-Geo, then this plugin, then place the shortcode [big_map] on any page.

Attributes accepted are:
backLink: the URL of the back link, default is the blog home page
backText: the text of the back link, default is “back to blog”
combined_text: the text to show when multiple posts have been combined into one marker. This text is appended to the number of posts at that location. Default is “posts – click to view”, causing the tooltip to read e.g. “8 posts – click to view”
Any of the parameters accepted by get_posts() which in turn accepts the parameters accepted by WP_Query(). These parameters control which posts are displayed on the map.

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-geo-big-map/

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