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WordPress Category Grid View Gallery Plugin

Category Grid View Gallery plugin by Anshul Sharma provides a new way to build your Portfolios and Photo Galleries. People who want to show their work using a gallery/portfolio dont have to exclusively install a plugin and upload images on it. Now, you can just upload your work as a blog post every now and then and this plugin will take care of the rest.

Features include:

Uses the [cgview] shortcode.

Flexible. Through shortcode, user can control which category to show, the number of posts to show, the posts to exclude, the size of the thumbnail, whether or not to show the title, how to order them, quality of thumbnails, show posts only with specific tags and many more.

Show posts from more than one categories.
The thumbnails are generated on-the-fly and dynamically resized. It also has caching feature to reduce the load on the server.
Option to show the posts in a popup light box (Colorbox) on click. Posts loaded through AJAX.

A very light weight jquery animated plugin.

If javascript is disabled/not loaded, the plugin falls back to a pure css animated gallery.

If no image is present a default image is shown.

Show anywhere in your Post or Page using a shortcode

Demo: http://shabdcreatives.com/portfolio/

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/category-grid-view-gallery/

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