Back-End Instructions for WordPress Developers

Back-End Instructions is a plugin for developers of WordPress to provide easy back-end instructions to their clients – using text, video, audio – whatever.

Features include:
The ability to provide a small excerpt to describe what each “instructable” contains within.

Click the link title, and the “instructable” expands to display the content.

Content can be a written list of instructions, or some other form of media.

Content can be anything you like, and you can use it just like you would any other post – the only difference is, this stuff shows up in the back-end.

Only Administrators can gain access to edit/create the “instructables” – lower levels will only see them.

You can set what end user level can view which instructions. For example, you don’t want an Author to see the same instructions for “Edit Posts” that an Administrator would see – it would confuse them. So you can also create content and serve up specific information based on the user level, if you so desire.

Download and info:

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