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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress Video Install Guides at WP Hosting Reviews

www.wphostingreviews.com has just announced the publishing of their custom install guides for Bluehost. The guides cover installing WordPress using the built-in web installer and SimpleScripts, a 1-Click installer developed by Bluehost.

Each guide includes both step-by-step documentation with screenshots and a video showing a real time WordPress installation with detailed instructions. The videos are also available at YouTube. For those not familiar, here is a review of Bluehost (http://goo.gl/KN6f5).

Installation always proves itself to be the most challenging part of starting a blog. WordPress, though it has gotten much easier, is still perceived as difficult to install. While participating in the WordPress community, WPHostingReviews.com saw the need for a set of reliable, easy to follow install guides to help people get passed the initial challenge. These guides have evolved to become the easiest and simplest ways to install WordPress.

There are two methods to install WordPress at Bluehost, the built-in WordPress web installer, and a 1-Click installer developed by Bluehost called SimpleScripts.

The built-in web installer is the standard and more involved method for Installing WordPress at Bluehost. Their guide provides all the steps needed for downloading WordPress, configuring the database and going through the web install. WordPress Hosting Reviews also created a video install guide. This guide walks you through a WordPress install from start to finish, complete with detailed instructions and additional information.

SimpleScripts is a 1-Click installer developed by Bluehost. This tool allows you to install WordPress with minimal effort and knowledge. The Bluehost SimpleScript WordPress Install Guide presents in step-by step instructions how to use the tool. In addition to WordPress SimpleScripts has tools for installing many other open source applications.

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