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WordPress Announcements News and Info

James Grierson of Bluehost Interviewed by WordPress Hosting Reviews

WordPress Hosting Reviews interviewed James Grierson of Bluehost (http://goo.gl/tXRul) about the benefits of using Bluehost with WordPress. WordPress Hosting Reviews, http://wordpresshostingreviews.com are hosting experts and have established their site as a a a great place for the community to learn. Bluehost is one of the more popular WP Hosting companies.

The interview covers several topics including the number of WordPress Blogs at Bluehost, one-click installers, hosting plans, and interesting company facts. There are Bluehost expert and customer reviews that help people learn from other people about Bluehost.

Bluehost is a popular choice with the WordPress community because of their focus to detail and experience with the WordPress technology. James Grierson of Bluehost explains, “Bluehost works very closely with the WordPress platform to ensure server compatibility, easy installations and rapid updates.” According to James, “Over 1/3 of all websites hosted by Bluehost are WordPress installs”.

The interview consists of basic questions that help people understand Bluehost’s relationship with WordPress. One of the features that makes Bluehost a good company for WordPress is the ease of installation using their featured software SimpleScripts. SimpleScripts is a one-click installer developed by Bluehost that helps with getting started using with a blog.

Bluehost hosting plans include only one hosting plan that covers everyone. There are upgrades available, but according to James, “Almost all customers needs are included in one hosting plan. This plan makes it simple and easy for the end user to choose what they need to get their website up and running”.

Bluehost is located in Provo, Utah. They do not outsources any support, development work, admin staff or datacenter space. They encourage visiting their website to learn more about them.

About WordPress Hosting Reviews — WordPress Hosting Reviews, established in 2008, is owned and managed by Intown Web Design of Atlanta, GA. The site was created as a place for WordPress users to post reviews and learn about the best WordPress hosting companies. It is a website that helps to the WordPress Hosting community. For more information: http://twitter.com/wphostingreview

About Intown Web Design (http://www.intownwebdesign.com) — Intown Web Design, located in Atlanta, Ga, is a web design and development firm with a focus on creating functional websites for business. Clients range from startups to corporations traded on the NYSE. Founded in 2007, with a specialty in open source technologies including PHP, Joomla and WordPress. They have continued to expand their expertise into improving site performance, usability and search engine rankings.

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