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WordPress Announcements News and Info

wpMosaic Premium WordPress Theme Building Engine

With wpMosaic, a developer can build a theme in half the time. At the same time wpMosaic allows designers to take their sliced theme upload their images, set their colors, adjust fonts and all elements of their design to output it as a WordPress theme without ever needing to know PHP, or even CSS. The do-it-yourself crowd, will love the premium themes available to be used as is or to customize with the wpMosaic design wizard.

Premium themes in the WordPress community are typically thought of as those which are professionally designed and are supported by their developers and or a community support system. The problem with past premium themes is that they allow only a small number of customizations without a solid grounding in CSS.

According to Kelly Hodsdon “When we started developing wpMosaic it was out of a frustration that there weren’t any good theme systems out there. There were certainly good themes, but if you wanted a system that would allow you to customize a series of great themes, it just didn’t exist.” He went on to say, “As an SEO expert one of my biggest frustration was with themes that pretended to be search engine optimized, but in reality were badly coded and often did more harm than good.”

The wpMosaic core team members are Kelly Hodsdon co-owner of Big Dog Media, LLC., Michael Niles of “Blind Mikey” fame, Zack Tollman, and David Westbrook co-owner of Big Dog Media, LLC.
To learn more about wpMosaic and the current premium themes, visit http://wpmosaic.com

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