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WordPress Announcements News and Information

WP System Health and Server Performance WordPress Plugin

Warning – We tried this plugin on a live site, and some parts of the admin became inaccessible, even after removing the plugin there were still issues.

This WordPress plugin by codestyling provides a new Dashboard Widget (limit to administrators) that displays information provided by 5 different categories:

System – basic server information and WordPress PHP memory utilization
PHP – most important PHP configuration values, that influence WordPress
WordPress – several configurable values and transport capabilities
Translation – shows all loaded and utilized language files
Database – current database utilization status
Furthermore the Plugin also introduces a new Dashboard Sub Page, Memory Usage information at Admin Footer and if permitted Server Storage Quota at Dashboard. Additional you can switch on the performance values HTML comment output at your visitors pages to measure your system. The new Dashboard Administration Submenu entry allows deactivation of several features if not necessary.

The plugin is now fully translatable and gots as first shot a german translation (approx. 40% translated). Feel free to contribute your translations.

With all the provided information it’s easy to detect configuration issues, memory race problems and also to help somebody by just request some values. I use this plugin normally as a “service desk” info point at my friends if something went wrong on their installations.

The current version provides database analysis at full spectrum only for normal WordPress installations. Multi Site installation analysis will follow with the next update.

Requires a WordPress version equal or higher than 2.7 and a PHP version of 4.4.3 and higher.

Plugin homepage with lots of detailed info: http://www.code-styling.de/english/development/wordpress-plugin-wp-system-health-en

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