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WordPress Announcements News and Information

WP Migrate plugin to move WordPress sites

WP-Migrate allows users to enter database information separate from the current site/blog database, and migrate the current information over. It enables you to select what (if any) information to move over, and/or update the URL throughout the database to a new domain while keeping the seralized meta information intact. Thus if your current domain is www – myoldsite dot com and you have moved to www – mynewsite dot com you can migrate your entire WordPress database without modifying the database by hand. Works very well with development sites that have a separate domain.

The plugin author warns this plugin should not be used by anyone that is not comfortable working with database settings and entering connection information and recommended that you run a test-deployment before migrating any information to a production database.

Riddle Brothers Web Design the authors of WP Migrate also have some other useful plugins. Inc: Asset Manager, Banner Cycler and Rich Widget.

Info and Downloads: http://www.theriddlebrothers.com/our-services/wordpress-plugins

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