MyPress WordPress Admin Customization Plugin

This plugin by Christian Serron enables WordPress site operators to customize the administration area with customer’s colors and logos.

Customize your WordPress admin area and login screen with your logos and your color scheme. MyPress also gives you the opportunity of making your own unique administration area without touching code and without having previous knowledge in CSS or HTML. You can also set alignment preferences and sidebar position or even set the text orientation for languages that are written from right to left(like hebrew or arabic).


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  1. Hi, I’m Christian Serron the MyPress plugin’s creator. Let me thank you for writting about my plugin, it’s very important to me receive the comments of the users to know how can I make it better.

    To be honest I’m really impressed with the early adoption of the plugin, in less than 2 days it has received more than 500 downloads. I’m glad you like it

    Once again, Thank you.
    Keep up the good work,

  2. WpInfo says:

    This plugin looks very useful for web sites designers using WordPress for clients sites.

  3. Keith Brown says:

    The plugin is mostly working, but it changed the .button value to ffffff and I can’t find the right style sheet in wp using firebug to fix it manually. So all my buttons are unreadable until I hover over them.

  4. WpInfo says:

    The styles, colors, etc, are in files (style.css and within the MyPress plugin folder, you could look there.

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