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WordPress Announcements News and Information

WP-Table Reloaded WordPress Plugin

WP-Table Reloaded 1.5 enables you to create and manage tables in your WordPress admin area.

No HTML knowledge is needed. You can edit table data and include the tables into your posts, on your pages or in text widgets by using a shortcode or a template tag function. More Info and Download

manage tables in your WP admin area
show them in your posts, on pages or in text widgets using a shortcode or anywhere else in your theme using a template tag function
possible table features include (may be enabled for each table individually)
first row will be table header (HTML tag)
alternating row colors
print table’s name above the table
print table’s description under the table
use Tablesorter-JavaScript to allow sorting of table data
individual styling of your table via CSS style-sheet possible (this may be used for different column widths or text-alignment)
functions in the backend include:
add tables (by manual input)
import a table (from CSV, XML or HTML files, URLs or direct input)
export/save/backup a table to these formats
import tables from old WP-Table plugin (if found)
edit the table data and structure (add/insert/delete/move/swap columns/rows, sort columns)
easily add links or images to your table (from the Media Library)
copy/duplicate and delete tables
easily insert a table in to your posts/pages using a button in the editor toolbar

Soon to be updated to 1.6 which adds some more features and will require WordPress 2.8 or newer. WP-Table Reloaded 1.6 Info

Among the new features and enhancements for 1.6 are:

feature: Support for “colspan” and “colspan” in tables
feature: WP Search will now also search in tables
feature: Possibility to select the plugin language
feature: Highlight row (background-color change when hovering)
feature: Option to show an “Edit Table” link on the frontend
enhancement: select fields for position of name and description
internal plugin restructuring
dropped support for outdated WordPress 2.7

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