WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

OIM Corp Announces New Automatic Video Themes for WordPress

OIM Corporation, a new website management firm, has recently launched a new solution for the general public who is willing to invest in the Online Video Entertainment World. The solution, called “WordPress Automatic”
( http://www.wordpressautomatic.com ), allows an average person to own a fully Automated Video Website that updates itself with fresh new video content and does not require any special programming skill to manage it. According to the company, current members describe the solution as if they had a personal Robot Assistant working for them.

WordPress Automatic comes in 3 flavors: Movies, Video Games and Music Videos. The company chose the popular “WordPress” blogging platform as a base for their video themes. According to toptenreviews.com (http://blog-services-review.toptenreviews.com/wordpress-com-review.html), “WordPress is exceedingly easy to use. It is simple enough for an average user, but has enough features to suit a business.” WordPress Automatic offers an automated online business in a box, “The real beauty of our themes lie in the automated background functionality; members will not have to spend time looking for updated content, the system will do it for them automatically” said Omar Lamela, OIM Corp’s leading web programmer. Members will also be able to monetize their websites by placing relevant advertisements on their sites with an included ad management panel as stated on their website.

The WordPress Movie Theme, is one of the most popular, as said by Anthony Gandia, their leading marketing Director, but he assures the video game and music videos theme are gaining in popularity as well. Allegedly, the themes potential is equally balanced as the 3 industries being targeted are popular world industries online.

Prospects of WordPress Automatic can expect reasonable pricing (starting at $47 one time payment) and even choose from 2 different license types (single or developer). The developer’s license can be used for multiple website use. WordPress Automatic membership includes online support and step-by-step installation instructions to help the least tech-savvy members.

Another included feature for the WordPress Automatic Video Themes, is the included data base for each individual theme. All video themes include updated databases of the latest videos available for each individual theme to avoid new members having an empty website, but rather a fully updated website ready to start receiving visitors and do business online. Accordingly, the themes are already custom made and optimized for search engines, to help visitors find your website. Their platform and themes are also ready for social networking integration, meaning integration with social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter is possible.

These WordPress Automatic Video Themes are a new option for anyone who is seriously considering investing in the online video world. “Our new solution will save you time and avoid the need of hiring a programmer or a webmaster to create a video website and maintain it, which naturally means less monetary investment is required to launch your own automated video website” said their leading web programmer.

WordPress Automatic is now available to the general public, for more information visit their website: http://www.wordpressautomatic.com

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