Facebook Fan Box Widget Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress widget by Agus Suhanto to display a Facebook fan box on the sidebar. Utilizing Facebook fan box API, this widget displays the fans of your Facebook profile page.

This widget is easy to install because it is packaged as WordPress plugin that can be installed very quickly. It is also easy to use and configure because it is deployed as widget. The Facebook fan box also has ‘Like’ button. This button interacts with your blog readers directly, so if it is clicked, it will add up to the number of your fans.

This widget requires WordPress version 2.8 or above to function properly. It also requires you to have a Facebook profile page to be connected to. To create a Facebook profile page, you have to have an account in Facebook. This is easy to do, you can navigate to Facebook website and get started right away.

Plugin homepage with demo: http://suhanto.net/wp-fb-fan-box-widget-wordpress/

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