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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Mojofiti Translates Any WordPress Blog into 28 Languages

Mojofiti™, a global network of people working together to break down language barriers, today announced the ability to translate any blog into 28 different languages, thereby helping bloggers expand their reach and attract new readers in multiple languages. With today’s announcement, Mojofiti has now become the only known multilingual social publishing platform to syndicate blog content into 28 different languages without the use of plug-ins.

There are two ways in which bloggers can have their content seamlessly translated. First, for people wanting to maintain their existing blog, users can opt to host a copy of their blog at Mojofiti.com, which will then be translated into 28 languages every time a new post is created. Second, users can choose to migrate their blog to Mojofiti.com permanently where they can enjoy a familiar WordPress authoring environment, have their posts translated into multiple languages and take full advantage of the social networking features built into the Mojofiti.com site.

“With more than 133 million blog records indexed by Technorati since 2002, blogging has clearly become a critical new medium for businesses to communicate and for everyday people to express themselves,” said Alan Simon, founder, Mojofiti. “We believe there is an enormous opportunity for bloggers to easily multiply the number of people reading their content and that the way to achieve this is to remove the language barrier. Our goal is to enable anyone reading blogs to be able to view them in their native language and to create an opportunity for bloggers to expand their reach and attract new readers, regardless of the language they speak.”

With a membership base comprised of people from almost every country in the world, Mojofiti has focused its efforts on maintaining a user-friendly site that appeals to both professional bloggers as well as recreational authors who blog as a hobby. It has also layered familiar social networking features on top of its publishing platform enabling users to publish, share and interact with each other, all in their native language.

Mojofiti is using real-time language translation technology powered by a combination of humans and machines to develop a variety of solutions that seamlessly enable people to communicate and collaborate with one another in their native language. Some of its solutions will focus on the needs of businesses and consumers while others will be geared toward having the convenience of real-time language translation anywhere, anytime.

About Mojofiti Inc.

Mojofiti Inc. is a company focused on building a truly global community by working together to break down language barriers. Mojofiti partners with any person or company with a desire to rally together to overcome this next frontier of the Internet so that all human beings worldwide can communicate without language barriers, for the first time in history. Mojofiti’s team is currently developing and implementing a range of language-enabled technology solutions and platforms designed to promote collaboration, communication and global unity. For more information about Mojofiti, please visit www.mojofiti.com

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