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WordPress Announcements News and Info

qTranslate Multilingual Plugin for WordPress

qTranslate is a plugin for WordPress that makes the job of managing multilingual content easy.

Reach more visitors and show that you care about them by displaying your blog posts in their language. qTranslate makes the creation of multilingual content as easy as working with a single language.

One-Click-Switching between the languages – Change the language as easy as switching between Visual and HTML
Professional human or automated machine translation – Reach more visitors and show that you care about them by showing your entries in their native language
No more for adding special characters or strings to seperate your multilingual texts! – qTranslate will handle them almost everywhere for you
No need to edit the plugin file to get your language working! – Use the comfortable and intuitive Configuration Page
Comes with many languages already builtin! – English, German, Simplified Chinese and a lot of others
Add your language in seconds! – Thanks to the simplistic Configuration Page
Multilingual dates out of the box – Translates dates and time for you.
Improved Installation! – No need to manually search and upload Gettext Databases/.mo files anymore
Multilingual Text in Templates without the need to change Gettext Databases/.mo files – Use Language Tags with Gettext!
Choose one of 3 Modes to make your URLs pretty and SEO-friendly. – The everywhere compatible ?lang=en, simple and beautiful /en/foo/ or nice and neat en.yoursite.com
One language per URL – Users and SEO will thank you for not mixing content.

Plugin homepage: http://www.qianqin.de/qtranslate/

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