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WordPress Announcements News and Information

SpeakLike Free WordPress Language Translation Plugin

SpeakLike a leader in rapid human translation services for SMBs, individuals, and large enterprises — today announced the release of a free WordPress plugin for bloggers to easily and quickly publish their blogs in multiple languages. Cross-language communication is essential in today’s Web 2.0 connected world where blogs are created locally and shared globally. SpeakLike combines paid crowdsourcing using thousands of translators located around the world with proprietary technology to provide users a platform to reach international and cross-cultural markets in a fast and cost-effective way. Translations for the SpeakLike for WordPress plugin are available 24/7 in 35 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Korean, Thai, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, and more.

SpeakLike’s Translation-as-a-Service (TaaS) leverages the company’s managed crowdsourcing network consisting of thousands of SpeakLike translators located around the world to provide on-demand access to business-quality translation services, dramatically lowering the costs and turnaround time associated with mainstream translation service providers. SpeakLike bridges the gap between expensive and time-consuming legacy translation services and error-prone machine translation (MT) with an industry-proven platform that utilizes intelligent automated processing of human translation to ensure fast and accurate results.

“As blog publishers seek to broaden the reach of their content and increase their readership, language continues to be a significant barrier to creating a global audience,” said Sanford Cohen, SpeakLike Founder and CEO. “Our WordPress plugin brings SpeakLike’s efficient integration of workflow automation and human translation services within easy reach of the world’s 10 million WordPress bloggers. By combining the accuracy and cost savings of translation crowdsoucing with the speed of internet communications, bloggers can write once in their native language and publish in any number of languages of their choice with the speed, ease, and accuracy required to engage their audience.”

According to research company Quantcast, over 230 million people visit one or more WordPress-enabled blogs each month. The SpeakLike for WordPress plugin provides users with the option of using either SpeakLike’s business-quality translation or their own reader community and machine translation. When the SpeakLike for WordPress plugin is installed, the process is automated and readers can access and experience the blog in their native language.
The SpeakLike for WordPress plugin was created in partnership with The Worldwide Lexicon, an open source project to translate the world’s most interesting web content to and from any human language.

“The new WordPress plugin we’ve developed in partnership with SpeakLike integrates The Worldwide Lexicon, an open source translation memory that combines the internet and human translation, with SpeakLike’s crowdsourced translation management platform,” said Brian McConnell of The Worldwide Lexicon. “The SpeakLike for WordPress plugin makes it easy for WordPress sites to automate the process of publishing in multiple languages.”

The SpeakLike for WordPress plugin is available free-for-download at www.speaklike.com.

About Worldwide Lexicon, Inc.
WWL has developed a complete set of human/machine translation tools for a wide range of web publishing and application development environments, ranging from publishing tools like the Word Press plugin, to TransKit, a family of libraries for popular programming languages. For more information please visit www.worldwidelexicon.org.

About SpeakLike, Inc.
SpeakLike is a leader in automated human Translation-as-a-Service (TaaS) for SMBs, individuals, and large enterprises. SpeakLike offers a range of text, HTML strings, email, chat, and iPhone translation applications, along with connectors to WordPress and Twitter and web services integration to provide users a platform to conduct business and communicate in any language. SpeakLike currently supports 35 languages (630 language pairs) for human translation, with more to be added. Learn about SpeakLike services, including translation for CRM, social media marketing, apps, and photos at www.speaklike.com

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