WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

ICanLocalize Announces WordPress Multilingual [WPML] Translation

ICanLocalize™, an innovative global provider of translation software and Web services for content management systems including WordPress and Drupal, announces WordPress Multilingual [WPML] version 2, facilitating translation-tasks and workflow for enterprise teams. Addressing the increasing use of WordPress for business websites, ICanLocalize empowers editorial workflow for multiple languages and teams of writers, translators, and editors. The powerful Translation Dashboard of WPML2 delivers faster, less expensive, translation of business websites.
Website builders and project managers get access to pools of language-specific translators, who can bid competitively on translation and localization work. Each translator receives a jobs queue in WordPress, simplifying translation work. Moreover, translators have no need to learn the content management system (CMS) or how to create links, fields, categories, or taxonomy.

There are clear advantages from competitive bids for translation into several languages. More advantages come from the management interface that handles these simultaneous streams of outsourced tasks — or keeps the translation of certain languages in-house.

The benefits for corporations, large interactive agencies, and design shops that develop websites are the ability to manage translation tasks and workflows more easily through the WPML2 plugin. The process is faster, less expensive, and improves quality. In addition, the Translation Dashboard continues to serve for translation of future, editorial changes to content.

Find The Plugin For WordPress At WPML.org (http://wpml.org/)

The WPML.org (http://wpml.org) website, built by the translation software professionals at ICanLocalize, hosts the plugin, documentation, and best practices for website internationalization and software localization.

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