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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Razuna 1.3.5 – Open Source Digital Asset Management System – WordPress Ready Plugin

Razuna Ltd. today announced the general availability of Razuna 1.3.5, a major upgrade to the world’s most advanced open-source Digital Asset Management System. Razuna has seen major adoption at organizations throughout the world, and is free to download and use. Razuna is based on a completely open source stack and has been downloaded thousands of times since its release.

“Razuna 1.3.5 brings low cost digital asset management to every organizations, and dramatically reduces the barrier to organize and collaborate on your media library, be it video, audio, images, or documents,” said Nitai Aventaggiato, Founder and CEO, Razuna Ltd. “Our customers already enjoy the benefit of managing and accessing all of their digital asset management requirements with Razuna, and Razuna can also easily be deployed to cloud environments.”

This release builds on Razuna’s history of delivering a low-cost, innovative, and Enterprise-enabled open source Digital Asset Management solution. New features in Razuna 1.3.5 include:

Full support for Audio files

Razuna now includes full support for audio files, including the ability to convert audio from one format to another on the fly. Razuna users have long enjoyed full support for video and images and this same functionality is now available for audio. All popular Audio formats are supported, and audio files are played directly in the browser.

WordPress Plugin and extended API

The Razuna WordPress Plugin makes it easy to publish video and images to sites powered by WordPress. With the WordPress Plugin, organizations are one step closer to centralizing all of their assets. Enhancements to the Razuna API make it easier for organizations and developers to integrate external systems to Razuna.

Performance Enhancements

Razuna’s codebase and JavaScript libraries have undergone a complete rewrite. What this means to our users is a tremendous performance boost, allowing customers to find and serve their digital assets more quickly and conveniently.

Razuna 1.3.5 is available for immediate download at http://razuna.org.

Nicola Battistini
Razuna Marketing & Communication Director
nicola @ razuna . com

Razuna Ltd.
83 Wimpole Street
London, UK

About Razuna Ltd.:
Razuna Ltd. is a startup formed by a handful of people who are passionate about creating the best Digital Asset Management System. The founder and CEO, Nitai Aventaggiato, has been developing software for over a decade and is a strong believer in open source software.

Razuna, the open source alternative to Digital Asset Management Systems, is the result of many years of addressing the challenges of digital asset management, and is available under the AGPL license. Razuna also offers hosted Digital Asset Management solutions for numerous organizations at http://www.razuna.com

Razuna Ltd. is a London, UK based, privately held company.

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