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WordPress is free open source web software. It is completely customizable and can be used to make a website for almost any purpose.

WordPress 4.4 Beta 1 Available

WordPress 4.4 is expected to be released on December 8. WordPress 4.4 Beta 1 is available now. Planned features are: Twenty Sixteen — A new default theme for WordPress. Responsive Images — WordPress automatically delivers […]

Gallery WordPress Plugin

Gallery is a WordPress plugin by BestWebSoft available in Pro and Free versions. Gallery Plugin makes it possible to implement as many galleries as you want into your website. You can add multiple pictures and […]

Stoping Spam On Your WordPress Site

Vishnu Supreet writing on WebHosting Secret Revealed has posted an interesting article “How to Stop Spammers On Your WordPress Site” The article covers some Anti Spam Solutions both free and paid for, including: WP Spam-Shield […]

123ContactForm announces CaptainForm

Online survey and form builder 123ContactForm has announced the launch of CaptainForm, a flexible, fully featured WordPress form builder with advanced functionality. Offering a streamlined experience thanks to preinstalled native functionalities, CaptainForm is a time-saving […]

Optimising WordPress Content with Yoast SEO

Browser Media has published a useful article “How to Publish Optimised Blog Content with WordPress” which provides a guide to optimising blogs on the WordPress platform. The article covers a plug-in called Yoast SEO (formerly […]

Syndicating WordPress Content

Troy Hollenbeck has written an interesting article on business2community “How To Syndicate Your Content With WordPress. “Content syndication is becoming a really popular way to deliver content, and people are becoming more and too busy […]

Webflow CMS barebones WordPress

Webflow CMS is a barebones WordPress installation jammed into a Photoshop-like interface writes Cassandra Khaw, on Ars Technica UK. “The Webflow CMS allows users to create or use pre-existing “Collections”—templates for dynamic content types. From […]

Removing blog posts page in WordPress

Removing posts and changing page settings, can be useful if you want to build a WordPress site for a small business. Log into your WordPress admin panel. In the left hand sidebar menu, click the […]

WordPress Landing Page

Tom Ewer has written a useful article on wpexplorer “How to Build a Landing Page with WordPress from Scratch”. “A landing page is a web page that’s designed primarily to capture a visitor’s attention and […]

Using WordPress Pages

Willie Jackson has posted an interesting article “Using WordPress Pages like a Pro” on Art of Blog. The article gives pointers on the use of WordPress pages for Affiliate marketing, Cornerstone content, Information resources, Selling […]

Securing WordPress Login Page

“Your site’s login page is certainly one of the more vulnerable pages on your website, so let’s get started on making your WordPress site’s login page a little bit more secure.” writes business2community.com. “Protecting your […]

Disable WordPress Trackbacks and Pingbacks

business2community has posted an interesting article on weather you should disable trackbacks and pingbacks On WordPress posts. “What Does A Trackback/Pingback Actually Do? 1. Yvone writes something on her blog. 2. Kathleen wants to comment […]