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BuddyPress is a free open source social networking software package that transforms WordPress into a social network platform.

BuddyPress 1.5 Release Candidate Released

BuddyPress.org has announced the release of BuddyPress 1.5 Release Candidate. The “release candidate” label means that BuddyPress.org think that the current codebase is rock solid, and this final stage in the release cycle gives users […]

BuddyPress Automatic Friends Plugin

BuddyPress Automatic Friends plugin will automatically create and accept friendships for specified users upon new user registration. * Requires BuddyPress Plugin homepage: http://www.stevenword.com/plugins/bp-automatic-friends/ Download Plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-automatic-friends/

BuddyPress 1.5 Beta 3 Released

BuddyPress 1.5 Beta 3 is available today for developer testing. “We’re keeping our momentum going and squashed enough bugs in Beta 2 that we want to give it another trip around the block to make […]

BuddyPress Photos+tags Plugin

BuddyPress Photos+tags plugin by Jesse LaReaux and bp-media adds full photo album capabilities to BuddyPress, mimicking Facebook’s photo app!(including Face-Tagging) This is an early release version of the plugin. You should test it extensively before […]

BuddyPress reCAPTCHA

This Plugin by algorhythm integrates the Google reCAPTCHA Service Modul in the BuddyPress Template Page ‘register.php’. The file is located in ‘/wp-content/themes/{name}/registration/register.php’. The plugin adds the new feature by adding an action on ‘bp_before_registration_submit_buttons’. Therefore […]

U BuddyPress Forum Attachment

U BuddyPress Forum Attachment is a plugin by taehan that allows members to upload files on BuddyPress forum. Uploader is Ajax-based. Setting Options enable/disable upload directory Max file size per file Max file count per […]

BuddyPress Default Data Plugin

BuddyPress Default Data is a WordPress plugin that will will create lots of users, groups, topics, activity items – useful for testing purpose. BuddyPress is an open source social networking software package. It is a […]

BuddyPress 1.5 – Beta 1 Announced

BuddyPress 1.5 – Beta 1 has been announced, some version numbers have been missed. BuddPress.org said: “Here are the stats we’re using to justify the version inflation: 792 tickets closed 494 confirmed bug fixes 2,161 […]

YD BuddyPress Feed Syndication Plugin

YD BuddyPress Feed Syndication is a BuddyPress Plugin by ydubois that syndicate external RSS feeds into your BuddyPress activity feed (like with notes on a Facebook wall). Each BuddyPress user can select as many external […]

BuddyPress Updated to 1.2.9 for WordPress 3.2

BuddyPress has been updated to version 1.2.9 for WordPress 3.2. This is a bug-fix release of the 1.2 branch to ensure full compatibility with WordPress 3.2. BuddyPress 1.2.9 includes fixes related to the new version […]

Buddypress Mass Messaging

Mass Messaging in Buddypress is a plugin by ElbowRobo for Buddypress, it adds a dashboard menu and a tab in the messages section. Once you navigate into the messages section and click the “Mass Messaging” […]

Buddypress Jquery Activity Stream Widget

Buddypress Jquery Activity Stream Widget by dunhakdis lets your site viewers/users easily read the activity streams by adding a simple yet customizable widget that displays streams in an animated manner. Users can: Enter desired animation […]