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WordPress Announcements News and Information

U BuddyPress Forum Attachment

U BuddyPress Forum Attachment is a plugin by taehan that allows members to upload files on BuddyPress forum. Uploader is Ajax-based.

Setting Options
upload directory
Max file size per file
Max file count per post
Upload File types
This plugin was tested with ‘bp-default’ theme. if you are using other theme and file uploader is not shown, check your theme whether it has below hooks.

‘bp_after_group_forum_post_new’ (your-theme/groups/single/forum.php)
‘groups_forum_new_reply_after’ (your-theme/groups/single/forum/topic.php)
‘groups_forum_new_topic_after’ (your-theme/forums/index.php)
‘bp_group_after_edit_forum_topic’ (your-theme/groups/single/forum/edit.php)
‘bp_group_after_edit_forum_post’ (your-theme/groups/single/forum/edit.php)

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/u-buddypress-forum-attachment/

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