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WordPress Announcements News and Info

PrePost SEO WordPress Plugin

PrePost SEO is a WordPress plugin by Ahmad Sattar that checks SEO scores before publishing the post and helps to improve Web page SEO.

Features include:
Check Duplicate / plagiarized on one click.
Sentence wise checking
Display results for each sentence
Ignore current url of your blog.
You can also generate reports form website.
Check Words and characters in your current post
Check Headings in the live preview of that post
Count Links and check their do-follow and no-follow status
Warn you if any broken link found in your post
Check images in your post and alt attributes of your images
Calculate Keywords density in your post.
Display SEO score of your current post.
Analyze Meta tags in live preview (Meta Description, title, etc.)
Gives you suggestions for each post to improve your post SEO.
Optimizes your post titles for search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

More info: https://wordpress.org/plugins/prepost-seo/

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