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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Integrating Cloudflare With WordPress

Jordon Rupp a WordPress developer writing on jordonrupp.com has posted a very useful article, (How To Set Up Cloudflare With WordPress: Complete Guide), showing how to speed up and optimise WordPress sites with Cloudflare

“If you’re like most WordPress site owners and implementers, security and performance are two topics that are dear to your heart.

Cloudflare is a DNS, security, and content delivery network (CDN) service that speeds up and secures your website.

When you set your website up with Cloudflare, you’re essentially routing all your traffic through Cloudflare’s global network. This leads to a number of benefits like:

Faster page load times – because Cloudflare caches your content across its network, you get all the speed benefits of a content delivery network.

Decreased bandwidth usage – again – because Cloudflare caches your content on its own network, you’ll use less bandwidth to serve up your website.

Clean traffic – Cloudflare filters out bot traffic and other negative traffic sources.
Enhanced security – Cloudflare offers a web application firewall, DDoS protection, and free SSL to secure your website, though not all of these features are available in its free plan.”

Full article: https://jordonrupp.com/cloudflare-wordpress/

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