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WordPress Announcements News and Info

UpQode Google Map Visual Composer Add-on for WordPress

UpQode Google Map Visual Composer Add-on is a free plugin for WordPress and Visual Composer by upcode that allows you to create different type of maps having option to change Language, Map Controls Zoom Controls and more.

Fully Responsive Maps
Mobile device supports
Marker cluster support
New – Option to enable toggle button to view full screen map.
New – Option to enable street view imaginary (Panorama).
Custom marker popup support
Options to customize marker popup styles
Any HTML support in marker popup content.
Shortcode support in marker popup content
114 different styles and counting
Unlimited custom marker pins
Different icon for each marker V
Set center of map
Multi-language google map support
Location list supports
Open marker on external link
Find nearest places
Address field autocomplete
Customize control position
Easy integration
Works with addresses and latitude / longitude
Multiple maps per page
Multiple markers per map
Show / Hide any map control – Direction link in info window

Demo: https://upqode.com/plugins/google-maps-addon/

Download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/upqode-google-maps/

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