Legalpack WordPress Plugin

Legalpack is a WordPress plugin by TermsFeed that simplifies a wide range of legal requirements for your WordPress website.

Legalpack helps you create Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy pages, you can also create a custom legal page based on your needs.

Compliance Kits

Legalpack helps you comply with the law by giving you a head start through “Compliance Kits:

Links to Legal Pages. Your legal pages must be visible and accessible to all users. Use this Kit to automatically insert the links to your legal pages in the footer section of your website.

Update Notices of Legal Pages. It is best practice to inform users when you have updated your legal pages. After a legal page update, use this Kit to show an announcement bar for a limited time to your users.

Cookies Notice. EU Cookies Directive law requires you to inform users that you use cookies through your website. Use this Kit to show an announcement bar to comply with the EU Cookies Directive.

Endorsements. You need to disclose if you have affiliate links on your website. Use this Kit to include a disclaimer at the end of your posts (all or certain posts only).


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