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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Image License and Protection Plugin for WordPress

Image License and Protection is a free WordPress plugin for WordPress by Pixter-media, itayamar, and glade that allows publishers to protect their images on WordPress sites.

Image License and Protection plugin places a button on the images, protecting the copy action, while offering a gallery of photo prints and image licensing.

The plugin prevents Your site images from being copy pasted, downloaded, or otherwise taken, with a simple tool that disables right click on the site. The plugin is simple, with no configurations necessary, and prevents a right click.

The plugin also enables you to sell licenses in a simple “buy license” option, embedded as a button on the picture. There is the the option of letting your users buy the image from you, through custom made to order prints on any number of cool products like canvas, mugs, magnets and more.

Prints are available on:
Coffee Mug
Canvas Print
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Framed Canvas
Smartphone Case
Premium Magnets
Flat Card
Photo Card
Greeting Card
Tote Bag
Canvas Bag

Download and more info: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pixter-image-digital-license/

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