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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Appticles Transforms WordPress Mobile Pack

Appticles.com, the HTML5 mobile content packaging platform, is today unveiling the new WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 – completely rebuilt from ground up to empower bloggers to go beyond responsiveness and “appify” the content of their blog.
WordPress Mobile PackThe WordPress Mobile Pack was initially developed in 2009, by James Pearce, who is now running Open Source at Facebook, with the contribution of Terence Eden a Mobile Product Manager at O2 UK, and Andrea Trasatti part of Developer Relations, at the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center. To date the WordPress Mobile Pack has accumulated over half a million downloads.
James Pearce explains: “Mobile moves fast, and the tools that developers use to serve billions of devices have to keep up too! I’m really excited to see the new version of this platform – a strong acknowledgement of the need to create a web that can cater for diverse post-PC world. That this team has been able to take a previous project and bring it up-to-date entirely independently is also a great testament to both the power of open source and the health and importance of the WordPress community.”
With over 1 billion HTML5 enabled devices in 2013, and with 2.1 billion mobile devices with HTML5 browsers expected to be shipped by 2016, the 2.0 version of the WordPress Mobile Pack allows bloggers to take advantage of the HTML5 trend by offering their users an enriched experience directly in the browser of mobile and tablet devices (iOS, Android, Windows 8, BB10, FirefoxOS, Tizen).
The WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 also eliminates the hassle of dealing with high development costs, approval processes with various app stores, poor discoverability due to the closed environment of native apps and finally, one of the biggest injustices aimed towards the publishing industry in general – the shared revenue constraint.
A number of facts are stacking up to support the timely release of the WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 with the precedent set in 2011 when the Financial Times surprised the entire publishing industry by switching to HTML5 and shunning Apple’s App Store and its 30% shared revenue constraint. Just 10 months after its release, the FT reached 2M users on their mobile web application, proving that it is possible to succeed with an “out of the box” mindset.
Ciprian Borodescu, CEO of Appticles.com, comments: “With over 1 million apps out there commanding 86% of our time, it’s easy to see how mobile is all about engagement. When it comes to the Web, certainly responsive web design alone can’t seriously be the final step in the evolution of the Web towards mobile. The Web is bound to evolve into a new and exciting environment, where everything is an app instead of a site, where users interactions are more important than just views and, ultimately, where apps are interlinked into the Web … of apps.”
The WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 is FREE and available for download at: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-mobile-pack/

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