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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Banckle Help desk plugin for WordPress

Banckle provides a simple customer support help desk software which works as web based ticketing management system , allows its users to perform many help desk functions such as creating collaborative team inbox, allows all team members to be on the same page with consolidated email communication and many more.

Banckle has now released Help Desk plugin for WordPress websites which will integrate your Banckle.Helpdesk account to your WordPress websites and will allow you to add ticket capture form on your WordPress website to capture visitors query or issue which will go straight to your Banckle.Helpdesk account so that you will never miss query or an issue submitted by your user.

You can create ticket capture from your Banckle.Helpdesk, and then use a widget code to insert the form into your pages/posts by using the widget that comes with the plugin.

You can download Banckle.Helpdesk plugin from here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/banckle-helpdesk/

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