WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

DataSift Partnership Includes Access to Data from WordPress and WordPress.com

DataSift, the platform that powers the social economy, announced today a global partnership with Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, to further enhance the ability of brands and businesses to curate and extract value from social and web content. DataSift has also added a separate feed for IntenseDebate, a commenting system averaging 1 million activities per day across WordPress and other content management platforms such as Google’s Blogger and Tumblr.

wordpressThrough the DataSift platform, companies will have curated access to the full firehose of Automattic’s public data including posts and comments on WordPress.com, as well as content from externally hosted WordPress blogs and websites powered by Jetpack. DataSift’s rich filtering capability enables users to add context to the data by providing more than 50 unique fields to search on, along with keyword targeting in post titles, body text, tags, categories, comments and links. Users can also define minimum comment count thresholds or listen for key bloggers and influencers by username. In addition, only the DataSift platform provides the data output for posts including tags and categories applied by bloggers, providing even more context to the data.

WordPress is a leading source of social and web content, for both consumer-oriented and B2B online destinations, powering more than 20 percent of web sites globally . With more than 1.8 million posts per day and roughly as many comments and likes, WordPress is a key data source for any enterprise interested in understanding the web presence of a brand or industry. The DataSift platform unifies access to multiple sources including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, bitly and now WordPress, enabling companies to easily integrate social data into their applications and use social data to inform decision-making.

WordPress is a premier social economy property comprising more than 73 million sites, which produce more than 35 million new posts every month. This rich content provides a wealth of opportunity for enterprises and brands to better understand consumer interest and feedback as well as to capture sentiment and build deeper relationships. With the DataSift platform, companies now have access to real time and historic WordPress data, making it possible to turn more than 15B monthly page views in more than 120 languages into rich data for analysis and insight.

For more information about WordPress on DataSift, please visit datasift.com/data-sources/wordpress/

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