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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Using WordPress for Local Businesses Websites

WordPress is, hands down, one of the best options for an efficient, effective, low cost, and low maintenance website platforms available on the market today. For local businesses, who often work with a smaller budget than national name brands, WordPress websites offer a variety of benefits. My Local Leads works with clients around the United States in deploying websites for their business and maximizing the return on those websites through successful local search marketing. These are five key reasons local businesses will benefit most from the WordPress platform.

1. Easy to Use. The WordPress websites are an easy to use platform with a simple learning curve. Basically, if one can point, click, and type, they can manage the various capabilities of the robust content management system with ease. The added benefit of having the ability to edit and update the site from virtually anywhere there is an available internet connection, have industry standard coding that can be worked on by various teams rather than highly customized coding that would cost a lot more and require a very particular skill set to work on, and no longer needing FTP or HTML editing software installed on a machine is another way WordPress makes it easier to have a website.

2. Highly Customizable. There are a large variety of pre-written plugins and add-ons that can be used with a local business WordPress site. Without exaggerating, the number is easily upwards of several thousand. Beyond that, those pre-made code snippets can be further manipulated by skilled developers to provide a truly unique look and feel to the site through customized CSS and other coding.

3. Ideal for Search Engines. WordPress sites are extremely capable of handling search engine optimization standards. The coding is built in to work with the most popular search engines including Yahoo, Bing, and Google. This makes it easier for the search engines to find an index a site. Adding meta-tagging, friendly names, and more can be of great value to marketing efforts.

4. Scalable Solution. One key feature that may be overlooked when a business first invests in a new website is what the company will need down the line. In the early stages on online marketing ventures, the needs may be very limited. However, as the business grows over time, more features and functionality may need to be added. In many cases, especially if the website was originally designed using proprietary coding, an entirely new website or expensive changes will need to be made to keep up with the business needs. Meanwhile, WordPress provides a scalable solution, one that can be added on to and modified over the years to come without losing any previously saved data and without breaking the bank or having to learn an entirely new piece of software.

5. The Power of CMS. CMS, or content management systems, put control back in the hands of the business owner and their staff. There is no need with C

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