WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Cloud Clarity Launches WordPress Website Web Design Services

WordPress continues to grow in popularity, with 17.6% of all websites making use of this content management platform, according to w3techs.com. Of those websites whose content management system is known, 54.7% make use of WordPress. “Web design changes rapidly and WordPress websites make building and managing a website easy as only the web browser is needed,” according to Geoff Frink of Cloud Clarity.

A WordPress website allows the creator to customize his or her site design. Blogs, technology sites, celebrities and new organizations alike currently make use of WordPress for their content management. The Wall Street Journal Blogs, Spotify, Katy Perry and Reader’s Digest headline the list of sites making use of the system and the average business has the opportunity to do the same. “In the past, professional web design, like that seen on bigger sites, was beyond the reach of many small to medium businesses. WordPress changes all of that and levels the playing field,” Mr. Frink continues.

When designing a website, Cloud Clarity begins by helping the customer select a theme which fits with the overall image of the company. Next come the plugins which add features to the website without the need for major coding. The role of the webmaster becomes much easier when these plugins are used as they take many tasks and handle them automatically. A blog may be added to the site also which is of great importance as search engines take note of blogs when looking at a site and the age of its contents.

Many benefits come with choosing WordPress as the content management system. A website designer can have a professional website up and running in a very short period of time and yet this web platform continues to be very cost effective. WordPress was built by search engine optimization specialists, making it easy for websites using the system to stay ahead of competitors. “Contact Cloud Clarity to receive a custom website and assistance with running an SEO campaign. From attorneys and dentists to gun shops and tree services, no company is too big or small for our team to assist,” Mr. Frink declares.

About Cloud Clarity
Cloud Clarity offers website development services and strives to have every website up and running within seven days, if not sooner. Clients appreciate this as it allows them to start promoting their products and services to their client base while adding new ones. The personalized design bolsters a company’s web presence while letting current and potential clients know what the company is all about. The creation of Geoff Frink, Cloud Clarity works to provide quality websites at affordable prices to fit into a client’s budget, getting the job done right every time and living up to client’s expectations.

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