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WordPress Contact Form to Email

Contact Form to Email is a WordPress plugin by codepeople that creates contact forms and send their data email addresses, it also saves the form data into a database, provides printable reports and the option to export selected data to CSV/Excel files.

Contact Form to Email

Email delivery / notifications: The contact form data is sent by email to one or more email addresses. It also supports the configuration of auto-replies to the user who filled the form.
Form data saved into the database: Avoid losing submissions and keep a record of the received contact form messages.
Printable list of messages: Get the list of contacts received within a selected date range and print it.
Export data to CSV/Excel: Export the contact form data to a standard format that can be used by other applications. Export the email addresses and other form data using date and text search filters.
Automatic reports: Provide automatic reports of the form usage and data entered into the form. Report of daily submissions and accumulative hourly report. Printable reports for specific fields into the form. Helps you top understand your data.
Form Validation: Set validation rules for each field. Keep your data clean.
Anti-spam protection: Built-it captcha anti-spam protection. No need to rely on external services for the anti-spam protection.
Customizable email messages: Specify the text of the email notifications. Supports both plain text emails and HTML formatted emails.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/contact-form-to-email/

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