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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Volacci Announces Automatr Marketing Automation Solution for WordPress

Digital marketing company, Volacci has released Automatr, a marketing automation solution designed for WordPress and Drupal.

Automatr Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is becoming an important part of the marketing landscape, as it can simultaneously improve the customer experience and a brand’s reach. With that in mind, according to Volacci, Automatr “drives demand, magnifies marketing and spikes sales,” because it creates a unique user-centric experience which can turn anonymous visitors in contacts and customers.

The Automatr platform offers users a variety of automation tools from creating campaign specific landing pages and email campaigns. It also offers integration with Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, SalesLogix, Microsoft Dynamics and similar CRM solutions.

Features include:
Smarter Drip Campaigns: With this feature, users will be able to change responses through a drag and drop tool, based on the recipients reactions.
A Customer Picture: Automatr automatically tracks users interactions with anything that’s related to a company, including email, newsletters, search engines and websites so that a business can create a customer profile and a personalized campaign for that visitor.

A Nurturing Campaign: Although a customer may be interested in a company’s product or service, it may take some time before they’re ready to buy. Therefore, with Automatr leads are recycled so that their interactions can be tracked through a nurturing campaign which could help a lead become a repeat customer.
Improving Sales, One Tool at a Time: In addition to monitoring leads, Automatr also creates customer automatic alerts, data reports and automated communications, such as ‘thank you for contacting us email’ to help improve how competent and effective a sales team can be.

Volacci: Marketing Intelligence
Launched in 2001 Volacci focuses on marketing intelligence by creating solutions for Drupal and WordPress that can not only help a business stand out from its competitors utilizing open source marketing tools but also form meaningful relationships with customers. The company’s solutions are categorized in one of three groups “attract” “ nurture” or “convert.” In addition to Automatr, which is in the nurture category, other solutions include search engine optimization, A/B testing, Google analytics consulting and creative content marketing.

Currently, Automatr is available for a free trial through its official website where the company has also posted “how-to” videos on certain features.

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