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WordPress Announcements News and Info

TravelTools Announces Map Cloning Software Capacity for Destination Marketing Organizations

Cartonova (www.cartonova.com) recently launched a new version upgrade of TravelTools—a one-of-a-kind software application that handles DMO website tools such as maps, events, and itinerary-builders. The recent upgrade brings unlimited map-building power to destination marketers and event planners.

Cartonova deploy an integrated WordPress framework that outputs all features to any device or media channel instantly and simultaneously.

Company President, Mark Mattson, explains: “TravelTools has always made great interactive maps. It’s what we’re good at. Like other developers, we made maps one at a time and our clients had to pay for each new map. All that is a thing of the past with Version 2.0. Now, our users can make their own maps in minutes without cost. Each map can have its own geographic focus and zoom level. It can have its own categorization scheme and points of interest. We even added a page template selector so the maps can be fed into specific web pages or mobile apps. Each map is outputted as an embeddable URL or short code.”

Mattson emphasizes the wide-ranging potential of his new product: “Organizations don’t need just one good interactive map. They need hundreds. Using our new version, an organization can launch a new map for every convention or trade show. It can even launch a sophisticated map for events as small as block parties or concerts at the park. This type of custom mapping not only helps people, it empowers local businesses and dues-paying members by giving them a chance to be seen at the very times and places where people congregate. Because these maps cost nothing to make, a destination marketer can run a sophisticated $3,000 map for an afternoon event of 500 people and then trash it the very next day. Maps take minutes to make and cost absolutely nothing.”

Mattson also talks about what this means to the overall value propositions of local destination marketers. “These good folks are being asked to do more with less in hard economic times. Dues-paying members increasingly grumble about what organizations have done for them lately. Revenue streams are dwindling. Organizations are looking for ways to fill funding gaps by cutting costs and/or monetizing their assets. Since this new system is highly interactive at any geographic scale or location, destination marketers can use it for general promotions of dues-paying members and/or fee-for-marketing services. Imagine how valuable a system is if you can connect local businesses with attendees at targeted venues and events using advanced technology that is cost free and instantly deployed.”

Moreover, Mattson sees his new product as expanding the tool market horizontally by representing economies that can be passed along to even small organizations that have been traditionally disenfranchised by over-priced technology solutions.

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