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Nearby Map by Wabeo for WordPress

Nearby Map by Wabeo is a WordPress plugin by Willy Bahuaud that allow you to easily insert a Map into your content. With it, you can show a main location and every interesting places around it.

Nearby Map by Wabeo

The map is dynamic. You can show to users the best way to travel from your main location to any other one. Nearby Map also includes SEO optimisation with Schema.org markup.

It creates a custom post type to handle every location, with an easy metabox to enter every information about them.
It creates a nice map with custom markers and informations.
It adds a full interactive list of each place with more information for users.
Users have access to a navigation system betwen every location on the map.
for each place, Nearby Map creates a new page with more detail and geographical information

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nearby-map/

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