WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Support Dynamo Enhances WordPress Support Plugin

The Support Dynamo WordPress powered support system’s new features are designed to improve the experience for both webmaster and users when submitting a ticket through this WordPress base Support Ticket System Plugin.

The first enhancement is the ticket ‘reply by’ status feature. This is a track-and-report tool that allows website owners to see how people are replying and updating the their support tickets when using SupportDynamo.com’s WordPress Support Ticket System. This will include items processed through the online web form and through their website’s e-mail account. This feature will allow users to understand how their customers are interacting with their support department — which can be used to improve customer service response levels.

Another important update is the ability to add attachments to all tickets. These attachments will allow customers to send over files, supporting documents and screenshots that can help online businesses locate orders or provide overall better support.

Website owners who may be more security focused can disable the new attachments feature to add another layer of protection to their server.
When asked why this featured was introduced, Wesley Williams, the Managing Partner of PluginDynamo.com said, “While many customers will find that the ability of customers to transfer files is extremely useful, we knew some companies using our Support Ticket System Plugin process sensitive data. We felt having the ‘Allow Attachments’ as an optional feature would give the larger market as well as the security focused webmaster the chance to fully experience our product.”

Responding to update request, Mr. Williams had the development team include Canned Responses as a new feature in this release. This feature will allows support staff to quickly provide responses to the most commonly asked questions. Customers get well-thought out answers while the customer support team can quickly and effectively handle their questions with approved and effective ticket responses.

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