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WP Google Tag Manager for WordPress

WP Google Tag Manager is a WordPress plugin by conlabzgmbh that enables you to includes tags (code snippets) from Google Tag Manager into your site.

This plugin includes both the javascript code to bring those tags into your site and the fall back iframe code to still provide functionality if javascript is disabled. Installation requires just two simple steps

Install the plugin.
Input the container ID in preferences
Instead of copy and pasting lots of script tags into you wordpress theme files or managing a couple of plugins for diverse services you can now serve this all from a single source – the Tag Manager. Tags are comfortably managed in the Google user interface, no need to further touch you wordpress installation.

Registration for Tag Manager (https://www.google.com/tagmanager/) is two simple steps before you receive the Container ID which is the only information the plugin requires to work properly. From now on, you have a couple of advantages:

a comprehensive overview of all tags you are using
tags can be deactivated in the Tag Manager
you can preview changes on your site before putting them live for your visitors
provide access to tags management for marketing staff – no code changes needed
use all the rules and macros to fine grained adjust tag usage
Besides management of tags you’ll notice better loading times of your website due to asynchonous loading of scripts.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-google-tag-manager/

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