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WordPress Announcements News and Info

dSero Anti AdBlock for Google AdSense and WordPress

dSero Anti AdBlock for Google AdSense is a WordPress plugin by dSero that outsmarts AdBlock extensions and keeps presenting your ads to your site visitors.

dSero Anti AdBlock

Many websites provide high quality content and services based on revenue generated by ads. Often, surfers install AdBlock extensions to their browsers to block different types such as Google Adsense(TM) and display ads. AdBlock extensions are used by more and more people and in some cases over 20% of a site’s visitors use as blockers. dSero provides you with free analytics to reveal exactly how many are using AdBlock extensions, revealing your numbers.

Unique benefits:
Not Only is it Free. We Will Pay You for Using It! It’s like placing another type of ad that is displayed only for AdBlock users. You boost your ad revenue.
Just One Click! The easiest plugin installation ever… Download the plugin, install it and submit your email at the settings page. We do the rest.
You Keep Your Site’s Look and Feel. We make sure that the Anti AdBlock ads will be presented only in the empty spaces created by the AdBlocks. We make sure that your slick design will be kept. No more Anti AdBlocker WordPress plugins that effect your site’s look and feel.

Download and more info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dsero-anti-adblock-for-google-adsense/

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