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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Optimum7 Updates WordPress Duplicate Post Remover

Optimum 7 have released an update for their Duplicate Post Remover plugin on WordPress. Whether internal, within one domain, or external, across many domains, duplicate content can affect PageRank, crawl-through rate, and if found to be “malicious” in nature, can get an entire website entirely blocked from search engines.

When the plugin is downloaded and applied, it provides a sidebar with an option to view all of your posts and pages. Beneath that is one called “Duplicate Content.” If there are any instances of duplicate titles, clicking on this will bring up a list of them. The titles listed have no relation to one another, but are the most recent upload of an article with the same title. So, for example, if you have a title that was originally posted on March 21st, the list will show you the duplicate that was posted May 16th. “We have further developed this plugin to improve the efficiency of correcting past mistakes for new and existing clients. Duplicate content has no time limit. If it is duplicated and on your site or on the internet at any time in the past, you are seriously vulnerable to penalties, potentially sitewide. This tool efficiently deals with that issue,” says Arthur Cooper, President and CEO.

The update to the plugin also includes a search by title feature that singles out instances of duplicate titles on pages and posts based on specific keywords and titles. When any duplicate titles are found, the post or page that contains it can momentarily be moved and stored in the trash, which will remove it from visibility on a website until the proper changes are made in WordPress. After the necessary changes have been made the post can be restored and the duplicate title no longer exists. This plugin is a fast and simplistic way of identifying sources of duplicate titles and ensuring something so simple isn’t penalized as having duplicate content.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/duplicate-posts-remover/

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