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No Indexing WordPress Taxonomies

Harrison Jones writing on Search Engine Journal has posted an interesting article “No Indexing WordPress Taxonomies: Do or Don’t.

“WordPress is the most popular CMS and blogging platform in the world. While it is great out-of-the-box, it does come with many flaws. The biggest being the massive amounts of duplicate content it creates.

WordPress tends to create over a half dozen duplicate copies of posts if all taxonomies are used. Since WordPress is used on most company blogs and used to create many company websites, I decided to run an experiment on NoIndexing WP taxonomies.

I used two WordPress plugins for this experiment, which I highly recommend anyone running a WP site to use. The first plugin I used is called WP-PageNavi, which adds optimized pagination links using the rel=prev and rel=next attributes. This plugin may require some code implementation, but the plugin developer provides all code needed.

The other plugin I used is called WordPress SEO by Yoast, which is the best SEO plugin available in my opinion. Many webmasters will also use All-In-One SEO, which I personally believe is inferior to WordPress SEO. Yoast’s plugin has import controls for importing All-In-One’s settings into WordPress SEO. Instructions for migrating to WordPress SEO can found here.

To NoIndex taxonomies with the WordPress SEO plugin, go to your WP dashboard and click on SEO in the sidebar. Select Titles &Metas. On the General tab, check the box to NoIndex subpages of archives. On the Taxonomies tab, check the box to noindex, follow categories, tags, and format. On the Other tab, check the box to noindex, follow author archives and date archives. Unless you have multiple authors, I would also recommend disabling author archives completely.”

Read full article at: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/no-indexing-wordpress-taxonomies-do-or-dont/49508/

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